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We use CrossFit methodology  for our Small Group Training.  CrossFit  is a lifestyle characterized by safe, effective exercise and sound nutrition. Because of its scalability it works for everyone—people who are just starting out and people who have trained for years.

DOGTOWN Barbell Club is an Olympic Weight Lifting Club. Olympic lifting will increase speed and power plus build a strong core.  Olympic lifting is for everyone! You have the option of working with a Certified Coach 1 on 1 one or joining a class.


BURN is our fast-paced barbell free interval training program that will challenge you.  It will increase your metabolic rate  for hours after the workout. It can also increase your aerobic capacity and alter body composition.   If you want significant health benefits then BURN is for you!

Recovery is an important component of fitness. Yoga is one of the paths we use.  It provides a significant benefit for athletes by enhancing circulation and lymphatic flow. Yoga also increases strength and endurance by allowing muscles to process metabolic byproducts more quickly,  speeding healing time and re-growth.


Our Facility

We are a constantly evolving our facility to fit the wants and needs of our members. We provide a clean, safe and inviting environment for our members to use and enjoy everyday. 



 Our mission is to DEVELOP strong humans - CREATE strong families - BUILD a strong community.

Lifelong Health and Fitness is a personal journey not a destination.  It is foundational to success in all areas of life.  

We have dedicated and skilled coaches who are passionate to help you live a healthy lifestyle. 


Lets connect!  Shoot us a message, email, phone call or just stop by the gym.

email: alignmvmnt@gmail.com

phone: 501-940-8566


Mon - Fri: 5am - 7pm

​​Saturday: 8am - 12pm

​Sunday: 1pm - 3pm

4150 Heritage Dr

North Little Rock, AR 72117

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