Coach Tim CF-L1 since 2013, CF-L2 since 2016. Strength and Conditioning Specialist since 2018, Athletic Trainer since 2013. Master in Kinesiology (UCA) 2015. CF Align coach since 2016. Born and raised in Little Rock Arkansas. As a coach, I look to bring out the best in my athletes. Whether it is learning new movements or hitting a new PR, I want the best from my athletes.


Coach Jake I’ve been involved with sports since I could walk. Between football, baseball, and basketball, I was always wrapped up in something. When organized sports ended for me, I didn’t feel the push to better myself anymore. CrossFit and Olympic lifting have changed that. I get to be a part of so many other fitness journeys as well as continue my own!


Coach Ashley I started my fitness journey with Crossfit in 2017 when a friend invited me. The atmosphere and community found in Crossfit was like one I had never experienced before. The coaching was extremely beneficial in setting the foundation not only for my fitness, but also setting the wheels in motion for my own future as a Crossfit trainer. Through the coaching I received, and I’m talking mental and physical here, that this was something I wanted to help people with too.


Coach Todd Owner and Coach I first found CrossFit in 2007 and received my CF-L1 in January 2008. I am passionate about my health and helping others accomplish their fitness goals. I live by the words "Better Than Yesterday."


Coach Zach USAW-L1 Dogtown Barbell Club Coach and Club Director. I am a fan of all fitness sports and have competed in strength and endurance events of all types. My only goal is to help improve the health and fitness of everyone I come in contact with.


Coach Chris I grew up in Chicago playing every sport possible in the backyard. I played baseball, basketball, and football through high school. Through football I started lifting weights and learning olympic lifting techniques. I went to college in Madison, WI where a friend introduced me to CrossFit in 2012. Since then I’ve been using CrossFit to stay healthy and move well. I have been lucky enough to assist family and friends with dieting, injury prevention, and general fitness.