September Skill Work

This month we are moving to an area that we can neglect pretty easily: The shoulder. Shoulders play a HUGE part in our everyday life. It’s also common for your shoulders to go out pretty quick. Think about your wall balls and handstand pushups. Feel sore yet? Well this month, we set out to fix that. Here’s how:

· Strength:

o We started this skill work before the month even began! Overhead pressing, handstands, pushups, etc. will all be an area of focus to break down the muscle to build it back up stronger

· Stability:

o Not many things are more frustrating that trying to lock out a movement and getting that wobbly feeling at the top. On top of building the muscles overall, we also will attack all the stabilization muscles that secure that shoulder joint. We should feel confident in locking that shoulder in and grinding through those AMRAPs.

· Stamina:

o If you have been in class for more than a month, you have had that shoulder burnout feeling. There’s nothing left to do but to try and shake them out and hope that they come back soon. With the combination of strength and stability, we will push thresholds back further and further to complete the bulletproofing.

Bottom line: You will see improvement in a notoriously stubborn area. Ready to tackle this head on? We’ll see you in class!

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