I think I’ll skip the heavy day.

This is a thought that has entered all of our minds. It seems like an odd day in our weekly workout schedule. Why are we dedicating an entire day to just lifting? Why can’t we just throw a lift in before our workout and keep that high intensity all week? Well, here is why:

1. You get more out of each lift

a. We dedicate one day per week to break down form further than usual. Your coach can dig into the details and small faults of every lift and can build a solid foundation for when you see that in a high intensity workout.

2. You get stronger

a. There is something to be said of resting between sets. We have adopted the every 3:00 minutes model so you get roughly 2:30-2:45 of rest between each lift. Now, your body is ready to move a heavier load and can adapt to that stress.

3. You can lose fat lifting

a. Hear me out. According to a recent study of mice, university researchers found that when muscles are exposed to resistance training, a specific type of genetic material is produces which specifically target fat cells and “kick them into overdrive”. If you are chasing that fat loss goal, strength days should be essential.

Bottom line: We zero in on strength once a week to improve lifts, build strength, and dissolve some extra fat cells along the way. We’ll see you in class to get heavy this week!

Want to read the article for yourself? Here is the link to check it out!

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