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With school back in session and parts of daily life finding a routine again, we thought we would compile three tips to help you get into a fitness routine. Click here to learn the three easy steps to help you achieve your fitness goals!

School is back in session! For the most part anyway. We’ve been surrounded by uncertainty for the past eighteen months or so. With the beginning of school in the fall brings opportunities to establish some new routines. However, one of the hardest routines is to find some time to invest in yourself. What if we told you there was a way to set yourself up for success every single week? Here’s how:

· Never miss a Monday

o Monday sets the tone for the rest of the week. Getting to class the first day of the week proves to yourself that you can. It also gets you around coaches and your friends at the gym who encourage you to be your best

· Turn on SugarWod notifications

o Getting ready for the next day can be chaotic at night. Having notifications set up lets you know what the workout is for the next day and reminds you to add that you your to-do list when you wake up

· Text a friend

o This one can work in two ways: the enourager and the encouragee. Shoot a text to your friend in the morning class about the workout. Remind them to be there. When that day comes that you are NOT feeling it, and it will come, those friends will be there to get you to the gym too!

A new school year brings new possibilities. Take advantage of those opportunities and make the gym a non-negotiable for your health and wellness in your routine.


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